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Boost your revenue by 20% in 60 days with ShopifyBot.ai, guaranteed! If not, you'll receive $1000 from us. Follow our straightforward terms, and you're set for remarkable growth. Let's aim even higher, together!

Pre-Launch Challenge Terms & Conditions:

1. Social Media Activity: Post at least 3 times weekly using UGC and our AI Generator.

2. Sales History: Ensure a minimum of 10 sales in the past 3 months.

3. Ad Spend Requirement: Maintain last month's ad spend or a minimum of $250, using our tool for optimal targeting and testing.

4. Training Commitment: Dedicate a minimum of 1 hour to training with our FAQ Trainer.

5. Error Response: Address and rectify chat errors within 48 hours.

6. App Integration: Install the required ShopifyBot apps from our marketplace for enhanced store functionality."

7. Weekly Task: You will receive a weekly 10 task todo to complete the challenge

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